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Fabian Fixing Spray Longlasting & Hydrating 1

Fixing Spray

74.00 AED
Fabian Sharpner x2


31.00 AED
Fabian long Lasting Khol Kajal Pencil Black

Khol Kajal Pencil Black

61.00 AED
Fabian Ultra Finish Black Eyeliner

Ultra Finish Black Eyeliner

62.00 AED
Fabian Fiber Lashes Mascara 1

Fiber Lashes Mascara

73.00 AED
Fabian Perfect Color Contour*3 1

Perfect Color Contour

116.00 AED
Fabian Combi Matic Eyebrow Powder And Eyeliner Pen 2 in 1 1

Eyebrow Powder And Eyeliner Pen 2 in 1

152.00 AED
Fabian All in 1 Makeup Kit 1

All in One Makeup Kit

227.00 AED
Fabian Eyelash Glue White 5ml 1

Eyelash Glue White

58.00 AED
Fabian Eyelash Glue Black 5ml 1

Eyelash Glue Black

58.00 AED
Fabian MI-010 Pointed Powder Brush PF0241-1

Pointed Powder Brush PF0241-1

82.00 AED
Fabian MI-009 Fan Brush PF0082TY-30A

Fan Brush PF0082TY-30A

76.00 AED